In 2006, Productora Pecuaria Alpera received  the approval of the Federal Inspection Type Certificate (TIF)  given by the Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock, Rural Development, Fisheries and Food in Mexico (SAGARPA), which covers its operating and production processes.

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In Alpera we are dedicated to providing quality chickens, which are raised and bred on our farms and certified under the TIF inspection system.

Chicken meat is high in protein and full of vitamins and minerals which are necessary to keep our bodies healthy.

Chicken consumption is a good source of protein and amino acids. Eating even a small chicken breast will provide your body with 30% of its average daily protein needs. Chicken is characterized as having a low fat content, as a result decreasing the risk of high cholesterol.

On the other hand, chicken contains predominantly "good fat« which has  positive effects on cardiovascular health.

Important contribution of vitamins:  Type B  rich dominated, the niacin or  vitamin B3 transforms food, while B6 or pyridoxine favors the formation of red blood cells and brain function. Vitamin B1 helps with the nervous ststem, heart and brain, and B2 which helps maintain the appearance of your hair, nails and skin. In addition, chicken contains folic acid, essential for avoiding  problems during pregnancy and preventing cardiovascular diseases.

Chicken is also a source of minerals. Phosphorus helps us maintain healthy brain tissue,  and a properly working nervous system, heart, and  brain while strengthening our bones and teeth. Chicken is also a good source of iron which is essential for the immune system. Finally, a third mineral, potassium can be found in chicken.

Cooked food always loses some nutritional value, which is also true for chicken, more or less depending on how the chicken is cooked.

Therefore It is important to consider how to prepare the dishes respecting the properties that best suit our products. Meat cooked in a rapid thermal oven will retain most of its qualities, but more cooking time will result in  less nutrients being retained in the meat.