In 2006, Productora Pecuaria Alpera received  the approval of the Federal Inspection Type Certificate (TIF)  given by the Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock, Rural Development, Fisheries and Food in Mexico (SAGARPA), which covers its operating and production processes.

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From the operations of Grupo Alpera, the  chicken production line is the most integrated part of the business:

  1. Feed mill: Grupo Alpera develops the food that is consumed by the animals on our farms, ensuring the health and quality of our animals.
  2. The process begins with the placing of the reproductive chicken from  day 1 on  breeding farms. This is where they remain until the bird reaches sexual maturity. The birds are transported to production farms, where they will start their  fertile egg laying.
  3. The fertile eggs are carefully selected by  personnel who are highly trained. The eggs are then transferred to the hatchery plant of Grupo Alpera.
  4. The 1-day -old chicks are sent to broiler farms.
  5. There are two lines of marketing for the production of chicken. One of them is the sale of chicken- in pieces and as a whole processed chiken. This transformation process is done in our Poultry processing Plant (TIF 395) where the chickens (an average weight of 1.650 grams) are received.
  6. This final product  is sold  to various customers becoming the most important client EL GRANJERO. The centers of distribution  proudly belong to the Grupo Alpera, strategic in bringing the freshness of our food  to the ultimate customer.
  7. The second line is for the marketing of the sale of live chickens, the channel aimed to the traditional market, where sales conditions depends on the region .
  8. Finally, we have our own transportation system to bring the food to our  customers.